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Team Handbook

To participate in the Pinellas Park HS Swim & Dive Team you need to complete the forms listed below.


1 - Have and maintain a 2.0 Minimum GPA

2 - Include the Athlete Eligibility forms listed below.

3 – Submit your COMPLETED Eligibility Packet to Coach Russell.

If you need forms, please contact a head coach, visit PPHS Website, or pick them up outside of the Administration Office. A forms packet will be provided at the start of the season along with any other updated/additional information. Click here for Direct Link to Forms Page

You will be expected to follow the Florida State High Athletic Association Eligibility Rules. In addition to the rules that govern alcohol and tobacco, you have to be academically eligible. You are in school first and foremost to learn. Swimming & diving comes second to your education. Preserve your eligibility by good attendance, and getting your homework in on time.

  1. All Athletic paperwork must be completed BEFORE Tryouts - If you need assistance please contact the Head Coach.
  2. Current Athletic Physical Form On File - EL2
  3. Current School Insurance
    1. School coverage is ONLY good for that season and must be bought every year prior.
  4. Transfer students (were not at PPHS last year) need to do the following:
    1. Provide All necessary transcripts
    2. Fill out the PPHS transfer information form
    4. (does not apply to freshman if enrolled on the first day of school)
  5. Exchange students need to do the following:
    1. Provide All necessary transcripts, physical, and visa information
    2. Fill out the FSHAA exchange form
    4. Must be sponsored by an FSHAA approved Exchange program!
  6. FSHAA Concussion Managements
    1. Swimmer must watch and submit signed form in Athletic paperwork PLUS completion certificate.

Students who choose to participate in athletics must realize there are no guarantees regarding playing time or injuries. 

Attendance Policy

Remember to bring your swimsuit, cap, goggles, towel, t-shirt, shorts and running shoes to EVERY practice/game. Dryland will be part of the season to help prevent injuries. Be sure to check the schedule for practice times as the schedule will change as needed.

If for some reason you have to miss practice for reason, please contact Coach Russell. If you miss practice the day before a meet, you may not swim in that meet. If you miss a meet for an inexcusable absence, such as having to work/babysit, you may not be eligible to swim in the next meet as well. If you miss more than 3 practices in one week, you may be required to provide written permission from parent or doctor to return to practice. Swimming requires tremendous dedication and commitment; therefore it is extremely important to be at all scheduled practices for the entire schedule time. If you need to leave a practice early, you MUST make previous arrangements with the coach. School work and swim team are your top priorities during the season. If you are having difficulties, please talk to the coach.

Three "Free-Bee" Days

Swimmers will be allotted three (3) excused absences, to be used at their discretion. These absences may be used without penalty to the swimmer or diver as long as the absence does not precede a meet or is done during the taper phase of the season. When a swimmer/diver is ill the day before a meet or misses more than half of the practice, they will not participate in the meet.

Hazing Policy

Pinellas Park High School has always encouraged its teams and organizations to participate in positive activities. The School District and the School are very proud of the many accomplishments of our student athletic teams and organizations. It is recognized that student involvement in athletics and extra-curricular activities is an important and integral part of high school.The school also recognizes the outstanding efforts of its coaches and advisors in working with the students. Their dedication and hard work is greatly appreciated.

It is important for all coaches and advisors to make students aware of the “Hazing” Policy. School organizations and teams cannot engage in any activity that would embarrass or humiliate a student. This policy includes any team/group selections or initiations.

Coaches/advisors should make certain that any group/team does not engage Hazing of any kind.

Pinellas Park HS will not allow upperclassmen to harass or humiliate underclass team/organization members in any way.

What organizations or teams MAY DO is:

a. Have a party after the selection process.

b. Wear nice clothes to school the day of events.

c. Post a “congratulations” sign in the hall with the names of the new group.

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